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As a consultant, I gladly supervise organizational development processes in the Netherlands and abroad. Sometimes large-scale change processes are involved, or my contribution may relate to a particular part of the organization. I am regularly involved in evaluations about learning in order to improve strategy and work practice.
I use a wide range of appreciative research and dialogue forms such as appreciative inquiry, open space, future search, round table and world café. Every time I have a try at introducing the perspective of multiple looking and thinking. I use a multitude of creative techniques and like to work with images.

Examples of projects:

  • Facilitating the development process for vision and strategy of an international health organization. This resulted in the organization having a clear focus, stronger organizational structure and more sustainable funding from donors.
  • Evaluation of an African organization for street children. Results were better connection between strategy, programs and organizational setup, and the implementation of an accessible monitoring system.
  • Team development for organizational consultants; as a result, tasks were executed as a more collective effort, and peer consultancy was built into the organization.
  • Supervision of the development of an evaluation and monitoring system for a development organization. This enabled the organization to learn more systematically from its work and adapt strategy and programs if necessary.
  • Evaluation of a learning program for new consultants of an international organization. The results formed the starting principles for the thorough redesign and development of the program.
  • Research into exchange as a method of strengthening the organization for a development organization. This resulted in the writing of a useful practical book.

Quotes by clients:

“Wieteke’s ability to facilitate and provoke constructive debate and discussion between academics and management staff of pertinent issues relating to our Strategic Plan was amazing. She provoked us to really challenge ourselves and aspire for much higher goals and ideals. Her facilitation helped us to chart a clear path towards the realization of a living strategic plan owned by staff members”.
Jean Mensa, director Institute of Economic Affairs Ghana

“Wieteke provides added value to our impassioned organization. Together with us she is developing solutions for improving the setup of our organization. We can really do something with that. She is teaching us to make choices, to work more strategically and more according to a plan. She is very committed and yet keeps her distance, observes well, is calm, keeps us up to the mark and is patient”.
Ien Brethouwer, chairperson of Homeopaths without Borders

Naar boven