Naar boven

As a coach I am personal and businesslike, supportive and confrontational, inviting and challenging. My clients are mainly organizational consultants, directors, board members and human resource managers.

I work both in the Netherlands and internationally. For coaching conversations with people abroad, I use the telephone or Skype.

My approach targets the person and development. I don’t focus that much on problems but more on people’s desire to function differently and on the questions from the people I coach. Boosting self-management is very important in this approach. The person being coached desires change, and I try to integrate that desire with the qualities of that person. Functioning better, on the basis of one’s own strength, with (new) pleasure in one’s work, self-insight and purposiveness.

Usually you need five to eight discussions of one-and-a-half hours to reach this goal.

Some comments from people I have coached:

“Wieteke is very good at listening. After a discussion, I sometimes wondered what she had actually said. At the same time, I had progressed. I had gained more insight, knew the next step I wanted to take, and was confident that I would be able to do it”.

“Although Wieteke doesn’t see me because we telephone each other - I am in Vietnam and she is in the Netherlands - I feel she can read me like a book. Sometimes a question she asks me can keep me busy for a whole week”.

“The discussions with Wieteke helped me to make clear decisions and take up my responsibilities, giving me new energy for my work”.

“Wieteke poses some gritty questions, confronts me with myself and holds a mirror up to my face. She gets me thinking, which enables me to formulate my own answers”.

Naar boven

‘The journey of a thousand miles must begin
with a single step’
Lao Tzu